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Goals are set and quantified. The goals and incentive prize levels for the program can be anything you want them to be. For example, banks may wish to reward new customers who open checking accounts by giving out incentive gift certificates having a value of 25 "reward points." These gift certificates can be redeemed on-line to buy gifts via the bank's custom-branded incentive gift site. Alternatively, a manufacturer or wholesale distributor might offer their independent sales reps $500 "bonus bucks" if they exceed their annual sales quota. In these examples, the terms "reward points" or "bonus bucks" can be customized to whatever you would like, such as something related to your company name (e.g. "$100 AT&T dollars" or "$75 Ford Reward Points").

  Program information is posted. After the program goals are set, a customized incentive site can be quickly launched which is branded to your organization, by including your logo, company information, and up to 10 pages of customized program information. This information might include: Timing of the promotion (when it starts and stops); prize award levels and corresponding incentive goals (such as sales quotas that must be met); and any other custom information you wish to post. During this stage of the process, you can also upload information related to any "customized incentive" prizes your company would like to add to the on-line catalog (such as information about an incentive vacation package available). In addition, you can choose what the "regions" or "categories" will be for the program, which will come into play later when assigning and tracking incentive prize winners. For example, a bank might track incentives being awarded at the branch level. A national wholesaler might want to track prizes awarded by region.

  Participants are invited to learn about the incentive program and preview the available incentive gifts at your branded site. Depending on the nature of your program, participants may be able to preview the program in a "publicly viewable" section of your incentive website or via a password-protected area. Organizations seeking to motivate a broad consumer audience, such as banks trying to attract new accounts or an association having a membership drive, might advertise the program on a publicly viewable incentive site. Other types of companies may wish to keep this information contained within a password-protected area to shield information from competitors. In the latter case, only invited participants will receive a password to preview information about the program. Our E-mail module makes it easy to invite and communicate with a large number of program participants with very little effort.


Awards are distributed. Depending upon the nature of the incentive program, awards may be distributed on a continual basis or distributed at the end of the program cycle. For example, car dealerships offering prospective customers a branded Bright Rewards™ gift certificate as a reward for taking a test drive can continually hand out rewards during the term of a program. In other cases, rewards might not be distributed until a sales cycle is completed and the individual award winners are known.

Bright Rewards™ can ease this important stage of the process via:

  • Custom design, sequential printing, and distribution of reward certificates (with individual login codes printed on each certificate);
  • E-mail distribution of reward codes to winners;
  • Customized e-mail follow ups to remind winners to redeem their reward points.


Participants shop on-line to redeem their rewards. Of course, the satisfaction that the incentive gift recipient receives when they shop on-line at your customized incentive gift catalog is perhaps the most important part of the process. Because the winners get to choose from a wide variety of high-quality gift items, you know that they will be happy with the items they select. In addition, the shopping process reinforces where that incentive gift is coming from, because the site is branded to be your company's incentive rewards site. A back-end reporting system enables you to check on incoming orders at any time.


Incentive gifts are distributed and reports are generated. Because Bright Rewards™ can take care of the physical distribution of prizes to the award winners, your staff is not burdened with the tasks of ordering, storing, tracking or distributing gifts. However, a customized congratulation message can be included with the gift to carry through the branding to the final stage of the process. Finally, detailed on-line reports clearly display the results of the program, including a summary of what gifts were most popular, summaries of awards sent by category (such as regions, branches, or rep. companies), specific information related to individual user orders, and a total program summary.

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