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Bright Rewards Vice President was recently interviewed for an article in Sales and marketing Management magazine. This article focuses on the benefits and ROI Online sales incentive programs like The publication contacted Bright Rewards to get their insight into this multi billion dollar industry that is changing the way companies motive reward their employees distributors and customer through an online program.

An Interview with John De Santis Sales and Marketing Management Magazine
by Julia Chan
Motivation Section:

Regarding the ROI of Incentive Programs:
John De Santis
Vice President of

"From our experience, the Incentive programs which are most successful are those that are executed efficiently and include lots of communication with the employees or partners being rewarded. We have found that the only way to do that effectively is to have a web-based system, which is combined with "physical reminders" -- such as hard-copy letters, postcards, or physical gift certificates."

"In some cases, it's very easy to see the benefit of an incentive. For example, when an incentive is tied to a sales rep's increasing their sales by 20% compared to the previous year or previous quarter. In this case, the ROI is essentially built into the program (since the rep does not get rewarded without meeting the built-in quota). Of course, there still has to be an incentive for the top producers who may not increase their sales significantly because they are already operating a high-level of success. So, a combination program is usually a good way to go. The "formula" to follow in setting the appropriate value of a rewards program is one of the value-added services that a company like ours can offer."

The Benefits of Incentive Programs:
"Today, virtually any business that is selling a product or service makes use of a resale channel. Value-added resellers (VARs) or distributors typically represent many different products. Offering incentives (whether gift-based or monetary) is the only way to truly grab the attention of a VAR and make them focus on your product offering. In addition, incentives can be a valuable training tool for VARs (for example, a VAR can receive reward points for completing an online questionnaire that will help ensure they are knowledgeable about a product offering). Of course, there are many other uses of incentives, from attracting the attention of consumers (to reinforce branding), to rewarding safety and efficiency, to building customer loyalty. In all these areas, a well-run incentive program can become an integral part of any business' success. This has been proven time and again, which is why incentives are now a multi-billion dollar industry."

Regarding International Application of Incentive Programs:
"Today, we are seeing a growing interest in rewards programs that target International representatives and channel resellers. These programs require more sophistication to ensure that the rewards are appealing to the target audience. We are receiving many more inquiries from customers who are interested in organizing "rewards travel trips" where international representatives are flown for a 4-5 vacation, where business and pleasure are mixed to form long-lasting relationships and loyalties."

About programs attract new customers, drive sales, or reward employees, online incentive solutions are the future. The average incentive program increased sales by an average of 20%. Quickly and economically launch high-quality, web-based sales incentive programs with an average ROI of 134%, in non-sales employee programs ROI is 200%. Online programs are highly scalable, secure and customizable making it possible to easily brand an entire program reinforcing corporate identity to sales forces across wide areas. Increased communications, ease of program planning, tracking, fulfillment all increase participation, motivation and ROI.

About VNU Business media
Sales & Marketing Management is part of the VNU Business Media a global business publishing group. They produce 52 publications such as Adweek, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter and stages 71 conferences and 51 trade shows, and operates 168 electronic media sites. With offices globally they cover the entertainment, media, marketing, retail, travel, professional performance, real estate, design, and food service and beverage industries.

About John De Santis
John Battista De Santis, vice president of, has developed and managed high-impact communications solutions for over 15 years in publishing, marketing and international markets. John¹s experience incorporates business development, creative direction of new media content, marketing, direction of corporate and international government campaigns. John manages business development in the Italian and European markets. John also serves on the board of directors of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce.


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