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High-quality on-line catalog of incentive gifts / rewards which can be customized to your organization's brand ID (and even your domain).

Ability for your company to set reward levels and setup customized "categories" for reward recipients, and even add in your own products.

Full-featured, password-protected reporting interface, which can be accessed by multiple administrators at your company.

E-Communications option for handling custom-formatted e-mailings to program participants and tracking which participants "clicked through" from the E-mail to find out about the program.

Capability to custom-name and set the value of award currency (e.g. 100 Ford Points = $50).

Ability to track orders placed and access detailed reports breaking down the program results by individual participants and/or categories of recipients.

Users can use their credit cards to purchase additional award points if they wish to purchase gift items that cost more than their available points.

Custom incentive system helps Peroni Beers drive U.S. sales.


Automotive Sales
Banking / Financial
Computer Training
Consumer Products
Food & Beverage
Insurance Services
Medical Equipment

All Industries


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