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Motivation. The Bright Rewards™ platform is an effective motivational tool that can help boost revenues, increase staff productivity, and reinforce brand exposure.

Speed & Ease of Use. Bright Rewards™ enables you to easily plan and launch an incentive gift program in less than 7-10 days instead of taking weeks or months. Our management and tracking tools are easy to use, as is the e-catalog's ordering interface.

Scalable & Reliable. The Bright Rewards™ platform is built on a stable and secure Java-based e-commerce platform that is highly reliable, scalable, and fast. The system has the capability to handle thousands of transactions per hour.

Economics. Compared to handling your incentive program off-line, the Bright Rewards™ system can save your organization hundreds of hours of staff time and/or many thousands of dollars in consultant's fees.

Choice. Program participants can choose from a wide range of high-quality incentive gifts, greatly increasing the potential that they will find a reward that excites and motivates them.

Custom incentive system helps Peroni Beers drive U.S. sales.


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